A Hand to Brand™ interaction is unique because of the relevancy of the conversation with the product in the customer's hand or nearby.

Communicate Hand to Brand™

A direct communication with a customer through a smart marker creates a revolutionary new communication method for brands and retailers. The opportunity to educate, entertain or engage a customer around your brand through a smartphone connection creates a link that can drive customer loyalty and advance supply chain visibility.

What story would you tell? Are you going to educate, differentiate or sell your product? This new channel requires engaging content that encourages interaction and delivers value to the consumer.

Communicate Hand to Brand™


The Hand to Brand™ Methodology provides a continuum of customer interaction through levels starting with Basic Digital through our most advanced level of Predict. Depending on budget and sophistication, a brand can begin with entry level experiences to get to Know their customers. The journey then leads through increasingly more involved interactions that lead to brand protection and track and trace concepts through the Understand and Partner levels.

The ultimate level is Predict where customer connection leads to maximum information flow allowing brands to predict demand and customer behavior offering customers better information and increased satisfaction.


Basic digital









Getting Started

Each step in a Hand to Brand™ journey makes the next one clearer with feedback. The key is the ability to adjust the deliverables through DIRX2. Our world class Business Intelligence tools provide exciting feedback that allow brands to assess success via KPIs and continuously adjust campaigns and content for better results.

The flexibility of the platform lets customers start small and grow as necessary. Brands can “get started” now, confident that the platform can handle any new marker, sensor, content or package in the future.

Getting Started

The global contactless payment market size was estimated at USD 1.34 trillion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 1.71 trillion in 2021.

Grand View Research, Feb 2021