Our convenient self-service portal allows a brand to connect NFC Tags, QR codes, RFID tags, GS1 Digital Link and other markers to exciting content from Tapwow or other sources.  Create a "Hand to Brand" connection to activate your customers using the best offline to online technologies combined with the creative talents from the best agencies, packagers and converters. DIRX2 is the platform that lets all your partners add value and connects you directly to your customer.

A Powerful Platform

DIRX2 Components 

Tag/Marker Management
Manage any activator from any manufacturer (NFC, QR Codes, RFID tags, GS1, Image Markers) and create meaningful lots and batches to make the most of your online experiences.  DIRX2 works with new activators or can redirect existing assets to make the most of your investment.  Redirect markers to any content at any time with a few clicks.
Wow Experiences
DIRX2 is the backbone of the Tapwow Hand To Brand methodology.  Use the platform to connect to content either from the Tapwow catalog of experiences or custom experiences from Tapwow or other providers.  All Tapwow content is designed to be modular and configurable to allow brands to maximize investment and delight their customer.
Business First Platform
Behind every experience is proven business technology like BI tools to measure interaction and effectiveness, track and trace concepts, product diversion tools, anti-counterfeiting as well as interaction with back end solutions like e-commerce, ERP and other platforms. 

White Label Solutions

The DIRX2 platform is available to brands, agencies, packagers, printers and more to provide to their employees or customers as a branded solution.  Deliver the full complement of Tapwow experiences within DIRX2 under your logo to create the best results for the end customer.

User Control

Full user controls allow you to limit access to platform functionality like reporting and marker management as well as by product, region and more.

Enterprise Reporting

Enterprise reporting offers powerful reports across products, brands, regions and more to give a comprehensive picture of campaign performance.

Hosting Choices

DIRX2 can be a SAAS solution, hosted in the cloud or stood up on company servers.

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