Creative & Digital Agencies

Creative Content Drives Smart Packaging Success

Smart packaging and connected products will be an essential part of brand marketing and supply chain visibility in the coming years. Touchless connection via mobile device will create an entirely new type of marketing content for brands and agencies.

With software and solutions from Tapwow, your agency becomes a smart packaging expert offering creative solutions that maximize campaign effectiveness through smart markers and provide valuable insight and feedback from world-class analytics in the platform. All data generated is owned by the agency and the brands.

It All Starts with a Tap

Smart packaging begins with markers like QR codes, NFC tags and more that are connected to internet content. Tapwow provides the software to manage the markers and connect them to content as well as a variety of options for easy to deploy solutions for customer engagement and supply chain concepts like authentication, product diversion and traceability. Digital and creative partners can deliver printed materials to trigger experiences, compelling digital content that can be served through the Tapwow platform, or customized designs for our Tapwow experiences. Tapwow provides insight and know how, but the bulk of the content will come from our partners.

Own Your Customer Relationships

With Tapwow solutions, our partners can manage the customer relationship with support from our implementation and services team. Beyond that, we offer a white label option for our cloud-based software platform DIRX2 that will allow partners to provide a self-service smart packaging tool with comprehensive analytics with prominent partner branding.

Own Your Customer Relationships

The Tapwow Ecosystem

Tapwow provides open solutions in order to maximize success for the customer and provide the most flexibility to partners allowing everyone to add value. Choose the best partner for packaging, technology and creative to offer customers a best of breed solution that meets their needs today and into the future. With a variety of providers to choose from, partners can deliver great solutions quickly.

The Tapwow Ecosystem

Tapwow provided a touchless interaction during the COVID-19 pandemic using QR codes and NFC tags that allowed us to connect with our community in an engaging and entertaining way.

Kathleen McBride, Director, Association of Volunteers, Children's Hospital of Colorado