Touchless QR Code Restaurant Menus

A Tap or a Snap, It's Just That Simple
For your restaurant or bar, we connect to your food menus, bar menus, special hours, special procedures and more in a matter of minutes.  Allow your customers to access your web content with a simple smartphone interaction with a QR code or NFC tag, no typing in URLs, sharing paper menus or human contact needed.  Through our easy to use web portal DIRX2, you can provide access to more than one menu or additional information with the use of easily configurable buttons and graphics.  All content can be easily changed or adjusted through the web portal as necessary.

“We knew touchless menus were a way to offer our customers peace of mind when we reopened and Tapwow offered connection with QR codes and NFC tags and was able to get our menu online in a day.  Customers love the access from the phone and we can change the menus and information whenever we want.”

Chef Troy Guard, TAG Restaurant Group

Touchless Menu

- Easy setup via self service web portal

- Points to your existing web menus and information

- Connects to QR codes or NFC Tags

- Can be live in a matter of minutes


- $5/month paid annually in advance

    - 3 QR codes for different restaurant locations - bar/patio/dining

    - Access to self-service connection platform

    - Can use Tapwow connection menus or connect to own menu

    - Unlimited changes to your content

    - No analytics

    - Restaurant provides all internet ready content

- Additional cost for:

    - Custom QR codes

    - Implementation by Tapwow

    - Custom graphics/content

    - Comprehensive analytics

More Than Just Menus

Now that you have your customers engaging with a smartphone, you have opened the door to exciting Hand to Brand opportunities.  They can register for loyalty programs, play games, learn about specials and more to increase their interaction with your brand.  At any time, with the same connection technologies, we can expand your relationship and help you get to know your customers.