Touchless Experiences

Tapwow offers a selection of touchless experiences delivered through the DIRX2 platform.  These solutions can be accessed with QR codes, NFC tags or other digital markers via smartphones.  All traffic is through the DIRX2 platform offering easy configuration and changing of content as well as available comprehensive business analytics including geographic location and time of day.  The DIRX2 platform can be accessed via a web portal, an iPhone app, or dedicated experiences making configuration and assignment easy whether on-site or accessed remotely.  Our goal is to maximize information flow and minimize human contact in the most brand appropriate way.

Touchless Menu

  • NFC Tag or QR Code links to a configurable menu

  • Connects to existing content

  • Eliminates hand to hand passing when restaurants reopen

  • Simple access to special menus, multiple languages, etc.

Smart Sign

  • Easy connection to configurable menu

  • Quick connect to internet content

  • Easily changeable and reconfigurable

  • Targeted content for risk groups, multi-lingual

Area Management

  • Communicate cleaning schedules/methods

  • Communicate new business processes, requirements, traffic flows

  • Modifiable on site or with remote access

  • Potential Add Ons

    • Check in/check out

    • Capacity Tracking

    • Contact tracing for staff for reporting



Contactless Hotel Room



  • Eliminate paper and contact to fixtures

  • Connect through NFC tag or QR code with Smartphone to:

    • Cleaning procedures

    • Call front desk

    • Cancel maid service

    • Order room service

    • Maintenance requests

    • Hotel procedures

  • Potential Add Ons

    • Paperless Laundry Requests

    • Touchless TV Remote (via third party)

    • Employee Access Tracking

Employee Tracking

  • Employee contact tracking via locations

    • Opt in

    • Anonymous if desired

    • Compliance tracking

  • Potential Add Ons

    • Employee health tracking

      • Temperature

      • Symptoms

    • Check in/check out to block access





Contactless Retail

  • Product information via shelf talkers or product tags –

  • Shop Assist - Connect to live help/chat bots for contactless product selection

  • Customer service – check in/return

Custom Solutions

Have an idea on how to make your business contactless?  With the flexibility of DIRX2, we can work with you to make your business as comfortable as possible for your customers.  Contact us at to discuss your ideas.