Touchless Solutions for  COVID-19 Response

Tapwow Can Make Most Business Interactions Touchless
These are unprecedented times for all businesses throughout the world because of the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Businesses of all sizes are facing constantly changing requirements and are being forced to adjust their processes to meet local and national guidelines as well as create a comfortable experience for their customers.  Touchless interaction powered by NFC tags and QR Codes is a key component to customer interaction in this environment and Tapwow has a selection of solutions that can aid any sized business in a touchless transformation.  

Communication & Tracking

To help businesses adapt to this challenging environment, Tapwow has created several solutions designed to facilitate communication and content delivery.  Our Touchless Menu and Smart Sign experiences allow businesses to deliver content to patrons in a touchless manner.  Our Hospitality and Area Management solutions offer touchless delivery of guest info and facilitate communication through a smartphone as opposed to in room telephones.  Guests can quickly reach staff to order towels, decline maid service, order room service and more with a simple smartphone interaction in their room.

Additional experiences include contact tracking and employee monitoring in closed environments so that businesses can monitor staff and potential infections in order to limit the spread of the disease.  All our contact tracking solutions can operate anonymously in order to protect privacy while creating a safer environment.

Easy to Implement

Experiences from Tapwow are designed for easy installation and configuration.  Complete set up of an installation should be done in a matter of days or weeks instead of months.  Our proprietary app for iPhone makes on-site configuration of tags and markers simple and most interactions with experiences and management can be done through a smartphone.  All content can be easily changed for any markers in the field as necessary.

DIRX2 for a Contactless Connection to Your Solutions

DIRX2 is Tapwow's SAAS platform that connects almost any software solutions to touchless triggers like NFC tags and QR codes.  With a few clicks in the platform, a marker can be configured to connect software in the cloud or to smartphone apps.  The platform can be licensed to connect software solutions for content delivery, e-commerce, restaurant orders, menus and more allowing any business to offer touchless solutions to their customers in a matter of days.  Designed for smart packaging applications worldwide, DIRX2 is easily implemented for any touchless interaction.

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