The Tapdex ID serves as the digital identity for your products in a connected world.   A unique identifier for each individual product offers exciting opportunities in customer engagement while unlocking the possibility for tracking that single product from creation through purchase and reuse or recycling.

A Powerful Platform

A Future-Proof Digital ID to Connect Others

Within DIRX2, Tapwow’s cloud management platform, the Tapdex ID can be bound to all other representations of a product including GS1 Digital Link, QR Codes, NFC tags, bar codes and more offering brands the flexibility to maximize the returns from each technology.  Brands can develop a future-proof environment that allows them to take advantage of current markers like QR Codes ad NFC tags with the flexibility to incorporate new solutions in the future with minimal effort.
GS1 Digital Link
By assigning each product a GS1 Digital Link tied with the Tapdex ID, brands can take advantage of the promising new standard in tracking making each product interactive and intelligent.  Tapwow has complete GS1 Digital Link integration within DIRX2 that makes creating a unique digital ID simple and easy to use whether through barcodes, QR codes, NFC tags or other means.

Full Product Lifecycle

The Tapdex ID unlocks the promise of connected products and tracking of the full product lifecycle. With each product having a unique ID, it will be easier to monitor components and raw materials and track that product through distribution and consumption.  Further, brands and governments will be able to monitor re-use and recycling as each product can be tracked through end of life.

Supply Chain

- Track and Trace

- Product Diversion

- Brand Protection

-Re-use and Recycle

Customer Engagement

- Product information

- Registration

- Loyalty Programs

- Entertainment

An Open Platform to Link Your Partners

DIRX2 is an open platform that connects your preferred suppliers and partners and can be offered as a hosted solution, on prem, or even as a white label solution.  With the Tapdex ID, brands can work with the trusted suppliers, local creative partners and new technologies in one easy to use platform that offers the next level in connection and tracking.  Tapwow connects your product to the world using the best solutions for your business.

The global NFC market is expected to reach over 47 billion by 2024


- Grandview Research 2020