The Tapdex environment within DIRX2 allows you to link your systems and processes via the Tapdex ID.  Product and supply chain information will reside in a variety of systems by definition and the addition of new comprehensive digital ID will necessitate integration and coordination.  With Tapdex Modules and Agents, brands can create a flexible ecosystem around the Tapdex ID that accumulates and presents the necessary information with minimal effort.

A Powerful Platform

The Tapdex Environment in DIRX2

Tapdex Modules
Tapdex Modules are data components that provide supply chain and distribution functionality within DIRX2.  Existing systems may not have the appropriate data storage for aspects of individual product tracking because of their design and Tapdex Modules bridge that gap for solutions ranging from individual product tracking to supply chain diversion and anti-counterfeiting.
Tapdex Agents
Tapdex Agents are the data exchange components that connect DIRX2 and Tapdex Modules with existing customer information systems.  You can think of them as one or two-way APIs to connect the Tapdex ID to a brand’s existing information architecture.  

Best Of Breed Solutions

DIRX2 allows brands to find the best information solution for their enterprise.  Tapdex agents can be used to connect to Tapdex Modules from Tapwow or to other third-party solutions.  By allowing brands to use the best solutions for their vertical industries based on their current system architecture as well as future states, DIRX2 and the Tapdex environment create a future proof solution for customer connection and product tracking.

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