• Jeff McDowell

Redefining customer connection with Tapwow

Updated: Jan 14

The ability to connect to your customer at the zero moment is available to large and small businesses now through activators in the offline world. Whether it is QR codes, NFC, image markers, barcodes, or other options, customer can now have a Hand to Brand experience that lets them tell their story.

What is Tapwow?

Tapwow is the platform to connect customers to brands with these activators. Whether a tap or snap, customers begin the connection and experience your brand through their smartphone. What will you say? That's where the Wow comes in. In order to maximize your opportunity you have to make that communication valuable. Offer information, offer a discount or perhaps offer an engaging game, but offer an experience that wows that customer.

Powerful Solutions for Any Size Business

The Tapwow platform is designed for a company with 5 customers or a company with 500 million. The technology has been simplified for easy implementation, but the power of the interaction and the information gathered is not sacrificed. Get to know your customer now with Tapwow.