• Michael Sher

DIRX2 Connection Platform

Updated: Jan 14

As the new CEO of Tapwow, I dedicated the first weeks of my position to evaluating not only the NFC market, but more broadly the opportunities for mobile connection through any technology: QR codes, Barcodes, image markers, etc. Customer interactions and industry content have combined to make it more clear than ever that a mobile connection through these activators is not only the future, but the present as well.


To take advantage of this coming wave, Tapwow is pleased to announce the DIRX2 customer connection platform. DIRX2 is a flexible platform that allows customers, brands, packagers, agencies and more offer direct customer connections through any type of activator

Manage all of your products and activators in one flexible platform with the ability to redirect assets based on product, date, region, time of day and more. You have the option of connecting activators to in house content, custom developed solutions or one of the standard experiences provided by Tapwow.

It's All in the Experience

In order to thrill your customers and begin the customer journey, you need the Wow! of an exciting experience. It is with that in mind that Tapwow has a selection of standard experiences that can be customized with your creative assets. If the standard experiences don't meet your needs, you can select from our screen catalog to create a semi-custom solution or even design a custom solution. The end product is easli connected to your customer through DIRX2

DIRX2 will change the way a brand connects to customers and will be available Q4 2019,