NFC vs. QR Codes

Depends on Your Goals
Touchless interaction is the future. Currently the top two choices are NFC Tags and QR Codes which can both deliver a great customer engagement via a smartphone.  The differences come down to customer experience, implementation challenges and cost.

Experience Comparison

WIth the DIRX2 platform, the experience that is delivered with QR Codes and NFC tags can be identical.  Implementation of the campaign can be different.

QR Codes


- Customer familiarity

- Can be printed easily and cheaply on most signs, etc

- Easily duplicated



- Can be hard to access in low light 

- Have to open camera and focus on tag

- Can be duplicated and spoofed

- "Old fashioned" - been around for years 

NFC Tags


- Frictionless, simply tap and go

- Don't need to open an app to access on most phones

- Tags are unique for better reporting

- Tech forward - the new gesture (Apple Pay)

- More secure



- Need a unique tag for every sign, can't "copy"

- Tags need to be shipped or delivered to customer

- Need an app on older iPhones (7, 8, X)

"8 Billion NFC chips were put in market in 2019"


According to the NFC Forum

Which One is Right?

The correct technology often comes down to a specific use case.  For a restaurant that needs a sign for each of its 50 tables that connect to the same menu, QR codes might be easier to implement.  For a bar that has low light and a younger clientele, NFC Tags may present a better customer experience.


The good news is that DIRX2 lets customers use either technology.  You can get started with QR codes and then move to NFC when and if it makes sense through the same platform.