What if you could "speak" to your customer at the point of decision?

If any brand or company could choose when to communicate, it would be at the point of highest relevancy.  Any brand would want the chance to educate, convince or persuade with the product in the customer’s hand.  Tapwow created the Hand to Brand Methodology to guide brands on the path to maximizing those hand to brand moments with the use of the latest in offline to online activators and engaging brand experiences.


More than just information, customers want an experience.  A Hand to Brand engagement allows the brand to reinforce brand image through graphics, music, games and interaction offering a dynamic experience that begins a customer journey that can last for that moment and beyond.

Unlocking Customer Data

The central theme of the Hand to Brand methodology is connecting customer experience with the supply chain through engaging experiences.  Brands can begin a journey and move through the steps over time as technology and strategy allow.  Some brands will achieve all their goals at the initial levels while others will always be seeking for ways to connect their business to customers. 

The global smart packaging market is expected to reach $52 billion by 2025

-Research and Markets

Begin a Hand to Brand Journey

The Hand to Brand Methodology provides a continuum of customer interaction through 5 levels starting with "Basic Digital" through our most advanced level of "Predict."  Depending on budget and sophistication, a brand can begin with entry level experiences to get to "Know" their customers.  The journey then leads through increasingly more involved interactions that lead to brand protection and track and trace concepts through the "Understand" and "Partner" levels.


The ultimate level is "Predict" where customer connection leads to maximum information flow allowing brands to predict demand and customer behavior offering customers better information and increased satisfaction.