Powers Touchless Integration

The COVID-19 pandemic has jump started the touchless revolution across the world out of necessity. Touchless solutions provide peace of mind to customers and offer businesses the means to provide the great content and customer service they are known for with a minimum of contact.  At Tapwow, we connect your software and business processes to your customers with touchless interaction quickly and at reasonable cost through our revolutionary SAAS platform DIRX2.

Touchless Access to Any Product

DIRX2 is easily deployed and can connect NFC, QR Codes, RFID or Bluetooth to your business solutions whether in the cloud or resident on a smartphone. Any business is moments away from a touchless interaction to connect to online ordering, menus, sales literature, pandemic preparedness efforts, or really any business process. 


DIRX2 offers a cloud management portal, a smartphone app as well as quick configure experiences facilitating local or decentralized management.  The platform can be embedded as part of your solution making the customer experience seamless. Tapwow is your touchless connection partner and will work with customers to configure and connect your solutions. 


Customer Peace of Mind

Touchless markers connect customers directly to a particular product or process with their own cellphone. “Touch here to learn more,” translates to “Get the information you need without human assistance.”  With social distancing rules in place, brands can deliver a maximum level of brand appropriate information and engagement with minimum contact. With comprehensive reporting capabilities available within DIRX2, brands can continue to refine their message based on real world data and experience.

A Touchless Business Platform

Designed for smart packaging, DIRX2 was built to connect any business or product to customers through smartphones.  The information that can be delivered and the data that can be collected about customers through this type of interaction is unparalleled.  The platform's open architecture allows each player or partner to add maximum value whether they are creating content, serving information, processing transactions or connecting resources.  With Tapwow, touchless interaction with your customers is only a few clicks away.

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